Jerome S. Blackman, M.D.
About Dr. Blackman's Practice
Dr. Blackman is board certified in both psychiatry and psychoanalysis. His private office is in the Lynnhaven Station Office Building at 101 North Lynnhaven Road in Virginia Beach, Virginia, near the Lynnhaven Parkway North exit of Interstate 264.

When you call (757-463-3000), Dr. Blackman will speak with you personally and confidentially about your concerns and help you decide whether you should have a 45-minute consultation.

Dr. Blackman's office is designed to enhance confidentiality and privacy. When you arrive, Jean, Dr. Blackman's office manager, will show you to the private waiting room, where Dr. Blackman will meet you at your appointment time. When you leave Dr. Blackman's office, you do not walk through the waiting room to exit.

There is no clipboard to fill out. During the first meeting, Dr. Blackman will discuss your problems, your current situation, and any pertinent history. He will also try to help you understand any problematic defense mechanisms or character traits that may be negatively affecting you, to begin to resolve the issues that are troubling you. Defense mechanisms are the mind's way of shielding people from unpleasant feelings and conflicts. May people are unaware of such mechanisms but can learn about their own mental functioning through therapeutic discussion.
Coverage and Fees
Dr. Blackman covers his own practice 24/7. Fees are billed directly to patients. If patients would like to file for insurance reimbursement, Dr. Blackman will fill out any necessary forms at no additional charge.
Psychiatric Expert Services
Dr. Blackman offers expert psychiatric opinions and testimony in selected civil litigation, Workers' Compensation, and certain other cases. Arrangements for these are made with the attorney or agency.
National Awards
Dr. Blackman's Faculty Appointments (See C.V.)
International Recognition
Dr. Blackman has been an invited lecturer at many institutions throughout the U.S. and abroad, including: Peking University and Beijing Psychological Institute; Jiao Tong Medical School and Fu Dan Medical University in Shanghai; and Zhe Jiang Medical School in Hangzhou, China. He has also presented at the World Psychiatric Association in Florence, Italy and at the International Psychoanalytic Association in Berlin. His books about psychotherapy have been translated into Romanian, Chinese, and Turkish.