Jerome S. Blackman, M.D.
About Dr. Blackman's Practice
Dr. Blackman maintains a private psychiatric and psychoanalytic practice in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Every aspect of his practice is designed to ensure the utmost privacy and confidentiality. He has over 35 years of experience treating mental disorders, and is an internationally recognized expert in diagnosis and treatment selection. In addition to evaluating and treating patients, Dr. Blackman is a professor of clinical psychiatry at Eastern Virginia Medical School. At Naval Medical Center in Portsmouth, Virginia, where he teaches psychiatry residents, the teaching award was named after him in 1992. When people need treatment, Dr. Blackman is able to help people understand their problems, and may prescribe medicine when needed. For a consultation, call (757) 463-3000, and Dr. Blackman will return your call himself within 24 hours to talk confidentially about treatment options and schedule an appointment.
Fees for Consultation and Therapy
Consultation fees and fees for therapeutic sessions are billed directly to patients. If you would like to file for insurance reimbursement, Dr. Blackman will help with any forms necessary at no additional charge.
Psychiatric Expert Services
Dr. Blackman is also available for expert psychiatric opinion in selected civil litigation and Workers’ Compensation cases. Arrangements for these specialized evaluations must be made through the attorney or agency involved. These cases require a specific set of parameters contained in a contract which must be signed by the attorney.